Everything else may have dried up

But their wit hasn't

Grande comedy dames Susan Morrison and Jojo Sutherland were indulging in a small libation when a euphoric cry of  “ We should do a show together” was overheard by Stand comedy club staff and so at Edinburgh Festival 2017 they gave birth to FANNY’S AHOY!


They had such a ridiculously fun time that they decided to go monthly with a residency show at The Stand Comedy club in Edinburgh where their Fanny’s have grown month on month.

A full length tour show and The Fanny Panto-liner are currently in pre production which will bring laughter, women’s health education and free lube to an ever increasing Fanny following.

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Susan Morrison,

Jo Jo Sutherland

Bit more info

Chief Fannies

"A conversational style with humour so interwoven it seems effortless"

"A performer the audience could've watched all night"
The Herald


Seen more fanny's than you can shake a stick at

Susan Morrison:

Don't be fooled by the diminutive frame. Within this pint-sized exterior lies a talent so huge that it can barely be contained. Susan Morrison is a comedy volcano, erupting with an endless flow of scorching hot gags, spewing forth at a blistering pace.

Whether performing her own solo act or hosting The Stand's big weekend gigs in Glasgow and Edinburgh, Susan is in a class of her own when it comes to quick-fire wit. A forty-something mother of two, Susan mixes real-life experiences, topical observations, audience interaction and Glasgow style storytelling to spellbinding effect. Presenting her own perspective on life, motherhood, shopping and shipping, Susan's broad appeal transcends the sexes and unites audiences in hysterical laughter.

JoJo Sutherland:

This charismatic comic performs in comedy clubs worldwide where she is in as much demand for her compere abilities as she is for her comedy routine. Her natural stage presence alongside her "healthy neglect" attitude to life proves extremely popular amongst many and varied audiences including the armed forces where she remains as one of the few women to go to military bases to entertain the troops. She is regularly requested to support other comics on tour the likes of which have included Jenny Éclair, US Comic Louis Ramey, 4 poofs and a piano and Tom Stade. She is also a popular TV Warm up artist for studio based shows which have included the BBC1 sitcom The Old Guys and Badults on BBC Three

Edinburgh Festival 2018

The gals are back on the Fringe again! Come and get up close and personal with Jojo and Susan (well, not Jojo. She’s been eating Garlic) (and stay away from Susan...she’s on hormone tablets. Wind. Something awful)

Join Jojo Sutherland and Susan Morrison in their spontaneous, riotous, unscripted, anything-may-happen hour of nonsense which is shorthand for 'we haven’t written it'. What’s the show about? It’s about having fun.

August 3- 26 (not 13)